Photos of the Lakewood Branch in 1995

(by Tom Carpenter)

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This is the old George St. Packing building at the intersection at Lakewood and George, where a Hayes bumper and overhead crossing signal still stand guard. The photo at the right looks south from George along unused tracks toward Diversey Avenue and Peerless Confection.
The first two shots look north up Lakewood from Peerless past Diversey Avenue; the two at the right look south toward Wrightwood.
There is always plenty to see around the Lakewood Branch, even when the train isn't running. These photos show a covered hopper and tank car delivering sugar and corn syrup to Peerless, closeups of the nearby switch in the street, and the crossing signal that guards the corner of Schubert and Lakewood.
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All photos here Copyright © 1999 T. Carpenter. All Rights Reserved.