I'm in search of the following artices:

"Soo's Street Switcher"; Mike Abalos; Pacific Rail News, November 1990.
"Soo's Street Switcher"(part II); Mike Abolos; Pacific Rail News, February 1991.
"Freight on the 'L'"; Walter Weart; Railfan & Railroad, February 1988.
"Evanston via Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul"; James Buckley,; The Milwaukee Railroader, June 1984.
"Milwaukee Road's Kingsbury Branch"; Randall M. Willis; Model Railroader, April 1975.

I'm sure I can buy the Model Railroader article from Kalmbach, but the first four are a little more elusive. If you can email me scans, I'll be very appreciative. Thanks.

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